We are closed for Holidays

We thank our guests that over the past year visited our restaurant, who stayed with us for a quick meal, to those who are returned, those who have booked and then canceled for several reasons (we hope you do not give up the chance to come to find out our kitchen); who has thought of us and the love that we put into our every dish!

To each of you we wish an Happy 2020 and see you soon!

Timetables January 2020

Epiphany 06 January 2020 from 12AM to 3PM
7 - 8 - 9 January closed
10 - 11 January from 12AM to 2,30PM from 7,30PM to 12PM
January 12 from 12AM to 3PM
CLOSING FOR HOLIDAYS FROM 14 January to 4 February inclusive
Reopening February 5, 2020

Christmas Menu



  • Culatello di Zibello DOP with crispy duck pate with almonds
  • Artichoke hearts stuffed with creamed cod au gratin
  • Scallops au gratin in smoked bacon belt
  • Extra dry sashimi salmon carpaccio with orange sour cream mousse

First dishes

  • Crepe with robiola with three milks and truffles
  • Pralines of ricotta di malga and spinach with baby squid, cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives
  • Lasagne with white lamb and pecorino sauce
  • Paccheri stuffed with pumpkin with seasoned goat's milk cream

Main courses

  • Veal fillet with crispy bacon and leeks
  • Roast pork shoulder of lamb with potatoes
  • Homemade capon stuffed with boiled mustard
  • Fillet of "golden mouth" croaker in a stew of clams and mussels
  • Glazed octopus tentacle with light caponata (vegetables)

Side dishes

  • Sote potatoes

Tripe booking by December 22nd
Orders: within 23 to 12 For info and reservations: 0341-700603 / 3351323785 Fabio

We wish Fabio, Mario and Letizia Bianchin a very happy and peaceful Christmas


November - December Menù


  • Lake’s hors d’oeuvre
  • Grilled octopus tentacle with creamed potatoes
  • Grilled scallops wrapped in bacon
  • Grilled artichokes in puff pastry cage on crescenza cheese cream
  • Dry smoked beef with fresh caprino cheese and onion


  • Ceko’s risotto with perch
  • Truffle risotto creamed with robiola cheese made with three different type of milk
  • Big pumpkin raviolo with butter, sage, chopped almonds and macaroons
  • Noodles with boiled salami and veal ragout
  • Spaghetti with lake scent


  • Sliced beef fillet, rocket salad and Grana cheese
  • Bull fillet with bacon and warm mustard cream
  • Bull rib eye steak
  • Veal shank slices with wild mushrooms
  • Sauteed snails
  • Lamb knuckle cooked in Chianti wine


  • Grilled whitefish
  • Sea bass fillet roulade with bacon and Treviso chicory

New Year's menu

Menu 31 December - 1 January 2021


  • Cotechino (cooked salami) with creamed lentils in crust
  • Artichoke Shrimp Tails Salad and Scottish Smoked Salmon

First courses

  • Paccheri stuffed with artichokes
  • Lasagna with mussels and squid
  • Tripe in soup
  • Milanese risotto with veal ossobuco

Second courses

  • Lamb chops with Panko Parmigiano Reggiano bread and truffles
  • Stuffed capon


  • Mascarpone cream
  • Tiramisu
  • Cheesecake

Orders: Wednesday 30th by 6pm for delivery on Thursday 31st
Thursday 31st before 6pm for delivery on Friday 1st January

For info and reservations: 0341-700603 / 335-1323785 Fabio

We wish a peaceful end of the year and a crackling start of 2021 to everyone! Fabio, Mario and Letizia Bianchin

February - March Menù


  • Our lake’s hors d’oeuvre
  • Pink prawns tartare, glasswort and buttery textured cheese
  • Stuffed onions with crescenza cheese cream
  • Culatello of Zibello raw ham with slices of Parmigiano cheese
  • Phyllo puff pastry roulade with Treviso chicory, speck and Brie cheese


  • Risotto with local perch
  • Risotto with asparagus, sausage and sheep caciotta cheese
  • Noodles with rabbit ragout
  • Home made pasta with turnip greens, raw ham and buttery textured cheese
  • Shellfish raviolis with small octopus sauce


  • Sliced beef fillet, rocket salad and Grana cheese
  • Veal fillet in herb crust with sauteed artichokes
  • Scottadito lamb chops
  • Secret of grilled Spanish pork Patanegra
  • Small veal cheeks with spring onions


  • Grilled whitefish
  • Squid stuffed with chicory in tomatoes sauce
  • Sea bass slice lightly cooked
Via San Rocco, 8 - 23821 Abbadia Lariana (LC) Tel. 0341-700603